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Appellate practice ... It's what I love and what I do.

Located in downtown Cincinnati, Gieske Law Office is exemplary in its dedication to appellate practice.  Ms. Gieske was employed in the prestigious position of judicial clerk for the Ohio Court of Appeals for 7 years.  Working beside appellate court judges gave her special insight into the makings of a successful appeal.

What is an appeal, exactly?

Most people do not know what an appeal is until they lose at trial and need to file one.

When a party is convicted in a criminal case OR loses a case in a civil matter, they may decide to file an appeal.  An appeal is a legal procedure by which the losing party asks the appeals court to reverse the trial court's decision due to certain errors that were committed.  It is the appellate attorney's job to find and present these errors to the three-judge panel on appeal (or seven-judge panel if arguing before the Ohio Supreme Court).  On the other hand, if the appellate attorney is representing the party who won at trial, it is his or her job to convince the appellate court to uphold the trial court's decision.

Beware the foregone appeal

There are strict deadlines for filing an appeal, so don't delay!

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If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable.
— Justice Louis Brandeis, U.S. Supreme Court justice and Kentucky native