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APPELLATE Practice for Individuals

Most people do not know what an appeal is until they lose at trial and need to file one.

An appeal is a second bite at the apple, so to speak.  It is a legal procedure by which the losing party asks a reviewing court to reverse the trial court's decision due to certain errors that were committed.  The appellate attorney is tasked with the job to find and present these errors to the three-judge panel on appeal (or seven-judge panel if arguing before the Ohio Supreme Court). 

Conversely, if the appellate attorney is representing the party who won at trial, it is his or her job to convince the appellate court to uphold the trial court's decision.

Appellate practice involves a skill set entirely different from trial work. For this reason, it is a niche few attorneys dare to fill.  Ms. Gieske's years of experience working directly for appellate court judges provided her with a "behind-the-scenes" look at the appellate process.  Ms. Gieske utilizes this unique and valuable insight to craft winning arguments for her clients on appeal.


APPELLATE Practice for law firms

Gieske Law Office is the "go-to" law firm for effective appellate advocacy in the Greater Cincinnati area

Ms. Gieske is available to handle appeals referred from law firms that prefer not to engage in appellate practice.  Alternatively, a law firm may wish to retain Ms. Gieske to assist the firm's attorneys with an appeal.  This may work particularly well in contingency fee cases, where Ms. Gieske can protect a jury award for a winning client or potentially attain reversal for a client whose case suffered an unfavorable disposition. 

Another means by which a firm could take advantage of Ms. Gieske's appellate experience is during the trial phase of a case.  A matter of foresight and strategy, Ms. Gieske acts as an appellate consultant under such circumstances.  Working in this capacity, she helps to preserve potential errors for appeal and situate a case in the best light for the law firm's client in anticipation of appeal.

Due to Ms. Gieske's experience, she excels at assimilating new areas of law and analyzing complex legal issues.  Moreover, Ms. Gieske's prior employment as a judicial appellate clerk provided her with unique insight into the appellate process.  Take advantage of this valuable insight in your client's appeal or original appellate action!


legal research, writing, and editing

What some find tedious, Ms. Gieske finds exciting. 

Do you need research on a legal issue?  As a former judicial clerk, Ms. Gieske possesses superior legal research skills. Simple or complex, she prides herself on her ability to timely digest new issues spanning widely divergent areas of law.  Ms. Gieske's seven years as a "jack-of-all-trades" appellate judicial clerk entailed doing just that. 

Perhaps you need someone to draft or simply edit a pleading, motion, or brief?  Ms. Gieske's chief loves are writing and editing.  In addition to her law degree, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in English.  Writing and editing are Ms. Gieske's fortés.  She jokingly says that law school killed her creative writing muse, but the truth is that legal writing simply captured her heart.  When Ms. Gieske drafts your pleadings, motions, or briefs, your clients will leave your office impressed.

Do not hesitate to contact Gieske Law Office to meet your legal research, writing, and editing needs!

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